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We're thrilled to have you here at the Adulting Well Survey, where your insights hold incredible value. This survey is tailored to YOU – our goal is to understand your social media preferences, the challenges you encounter, and how you prefer to learn.

We've carefully crafted 16 questions to gain a deep understanding of your unique experiences. Your candid responses will play a pivotal role in shaping products designed to assist people on their journey through adulthood with chronic illness.

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Which social media platforms do you use? (Select as many as you like) *

Are you part of any Facebook Groups?

Do you listen to Podcasts?

List any Charities you are involved in or follow. For example, the Heart Foundation or HeartKids

What are your biggest challenges regarding managing MONEY? (Choose as many as you like)

What are your biggest challenges regarding to the workforce? (Choose as may as you like)

If you are having/or have had major surgery what are/were your biggest challenges? (Choose as many as you like)

What area/s of your life would you like information on? (e.g. Money, Work, Surgery, Mindset, Your Condition, Healthcare System, Nutrition, Exercise etc)

Which ways do you like to learn most? (Choose as many as you like)

What tone would you like information to be delivered in? (e.g. light hearted, serious, with a laugh, authoritative)

If you had access to education about your condition, what would you want it to cover and why?

Would you pay for educational products specifically designed to teach people with chronic illness how to manage money and navigate the workforce successfully? Delivery of the products would be in a fun and practical way.

What's something you wish you knew sooner that has helped with your condition?

What's something you wish others knew about your condition?

Do you identify as having any of the terms listed below?

How did you find this survey? Is there anything you think I should or shouldn't have asked?